The Motivation Man

"Keeping You Moving"

The Motivation Man - "Keeping You Moving"

The Motivation Man Welcomes You!

Hi I’m Winston, Your Motivation Man!

Welcome to my website.

Are you somebody who lacks exuberance? Somebody who forever believes “I’ll do it in the future” and winds up never executing what you set out to do? Do you want self-assurance, motivation and drive to go after your dreams and pave your route to success? Don’t fret; you’re not unique!

Like me you can accomplish all you want in life if you develop limitless degrees of self-motivation by using your very own self-will! You’ll be able to confront all challenges and subdue all concerns without making excuses and putting things off.I have found a way to tap into that power. Schedule a complimentary no obligation “innerview” session with me so I can share it with you so you can go boldly where you have only dreamed of going before!

******************************************************************** Hank Webber

Winston is the most cordial, most respectful, and most insightful coach I’ve encountered. He provided a brighter outlook on a transition stage that I’m now going through. That new outlook has given me a more positive approach to what lies ahead. Hank Webber Phillipsburg, NJ ********************************************************************** Coaching works for people who are motivated to improve their lives.  I know, because I have been coached for the past five years in transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur.  My business/life coach has guided me to becoming more focused, confident and insightful about my life and goals.  Everybody needs a coach like Winston Trumpet! I highly recommend you treat yourself to this life changing experience!********************************************************************** Jimi Mikusi Winston helped by bringing some business basics to the forefront as a means to refocus and gain clarity Jimi Mikusi, CEO – The Small Business Cloud Company ************************************************************************* Pat Hudak   Winston gave me a larger perspective on the issues. Reminded me of the importance of continuing even though results may not be instantaneous Patricia Hudak,Founder Real World 101   **************************************************************************   Cassandra DuPont, President & Founder of Minority Pharmaceutical Networking Organization – NJ : If you are considering getting real on time help, I would highly recommend that you check Winston out! He has a way of putting everything into perspective, into manageable pieces, and you can tell he is PASSIONATE about helping people. I stay on track with my goals and he has kept me motivated, inspired and excited about my Personal, Business, and Spiritual life! The man is truly gifted!