The Motivation Man

"Keeping You Moving"

The Motivation Man - "Keeping You Moving"

The Motivation Man Welcomes You!

Hi I’m Winston, Chief Motivational Officer of Strategic Business Associates,LLC

Welcome to my website.

I can provide you with the following services:

Life Management Coaching

Nonprofit  or Faith-Based Business Consultation

Free Motivational & Inspirational Support

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Whether you want someone that supports you in achieving a specific outcome or wish to enhance various areas of your life, I can help you achieve it easier & faster.

Based in Jersey City, NJ, Strategic Business Associates, LLC, provides coaching, consulting, and education to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

We work with clients to create, implement, and be held accountable to a plan of action, in order to help them achieve their highest level of productivity and success in the least amount of time.

Through powerful coaching sessions, clients are able to clearly identify, prioritize, and focus on realistic, time-bound goals to make significant progress in their lives, grow their businesses, and improve their organizations.

In addition to the teaching of business planning, time and project management techniques via 1 to 1 coaching, Strategic Business Associates coaches & consultants also lead seminars for organizations and companies on these critical themes.


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